Have you ever had a moment whereby you just want to go for a drive? Enjoy that nice breeze from nature? A few weeks ago i managed to just go for a drive. It was around 9 pm and i thought to myself what the top five roads in Harare are? Before i left home for a drive that question kept on coming back and i had a lot of answers. So i decided to embark on journey to find the top 5 best roads in Harare.

Roads that you can feel and enjoy the grip of your car; roads that are smooth as a baby’s bum and that will give you and your car that big smile. So here is my top 5 best roads in Harare


#5-Harare Drive and 2nd Street Extension

Harare Drive has quite a small part that you can enjoy, starting from Marlborough to Borrowdale Road. Some parts of Harare drive are not good but can be quite fun to drive. 2nd street extension between Josiah Tongogara,up until you reach Lomagundi Junction is a great road to drive in with nice bends that help you to feel the grip of you car


#4-Samora Machel/Bulawayo Road

It is the main road for the city centre, a brilliant road to drive in, lots of lighting and quite wide. Unfortunately it is always busy specially going towards the CBD. One of the best parts of samora machel is when you reach the nice curve at WaterWorld. On the other side it also stretches all the way till you reach the City of Harare goodbye sign.


#3-Enterprise Road

Is one of Harare’s prominent roads hosting top class suburbs such as Highlands, Chisipite and Newlands. From Samora Machel to the junction of Enterprise and Glenara its a four lane road,quite wide, smooth and with beautiful solar streets lights. The lane reflectors are very visible, the road is averagely smooth but as it gets to a two lane road after Glenara Junction it gets slightly narrow and challenging for night driving.


#2-Borrowdale Road and Seke/Chitungwiza Road

On this one we had a tie. Borrowdale road is arguably one of the widest and best roads to drive in. No bends, just a smooth stretch from the state house till you reach the traffic lights at Borrowdale Primary. Its a speed inviting road. Seke/Chitungwiza Road has nice bends, quite wide and enjoyable to drive but can be quite dangerous.



This is undoubtedly the current best road in Harare. Speed inviting, smooth, straight, no bends,wide and well light-up. Brilliantly put together and resurfaced.


In conclusion

They are more roads out there in Harare that are quite enjoyable to drive but short such as Rolf valley, Crow hill and Mazowe Road are all great roads. I really enjoyed my Sunday night drive. My next journey is to see which are the top 3 best highways in Zimbabwe?