Zimtorque in 2018 launched an initiative program to encourage people to own either an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle when fuel started becoming quite scarce in Zimbabwe, but it was not fruitful as people still believe in petrol or diesel cars. Autocars a local preowned car sales was one of the first to import several hybrids there after Zimtorque imported an electric vehicle to have a feel of the future. On the other hand a Tesla had already been in Zimbabwe but not much was talked about it. Late 2019 Zimtorque re-launched the program under the name Zimtorque E-Mobility and it started to gain interest that our representative went to Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority to seek authority for charging stations. We were then invited to a policy meeting on EVs and renewable energy. During the re-launch of our initiative we noticed a lot of questions started to come up and we are ready to answer them.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are fast becoming a global sensation. A lot of people are really fascinated about them and also want to do their part to save the planet but still have fears of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle.

What is an electric car?

An electric car is powered by one or more electric motors using energy stored in rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are usually stacked up in the middle of the vehicle. The electric car is also known as the EV (electric vehicle) and its fuel comes through recharging the car like how you charge your laptop or smart phone

What is a Hybrid vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle is powered by both a petrol engine and an electric motor. This type of vehicle charges its batteries through the petrol engine in a system also known as self-charging. The electric motor usually works at certain speed limits and at high speed or peak performance you can extract power from the petrol engine whilst it’s charging the batteries.

Benefits of an Electric vehicle:

  1. No need for fuel you can charge it at home like your mobile phone
  2. Not much maintenance is required as it does not have spark plugs, pistons etc
  3. Zero emissions meaning they do not pollute the environment
  4. Cheaper to run as you don’t have to face oil changes or expensive petrol

How long do the batteries last?

Manufacturers have capped the batteries to last more than 10 years or in mileage terms 150 000km.

If the batteries lose their time are they replaceable and what price?

Yes they are replaceable and you are looking at $3000 to $5000. Emerging retailers of EVs usually offer a payment plan for replacement batteries that is dependent on if you want to keep the vehicle for more than 10 years. However as we know most people change cars every two to three years.

Is there technical support in Zimbabwe for EVs?

Zimtorque E-mobility center will be opening soon to offer you with sales, aftermarket assistance and technical support. Our consultants will offer you assistance in getting the best insurance premium and maintenance lessons on how to charge etc

Are they going to be charging stations around Zimbabwe?

Yes they are various service providers already setting up charging stations in and around Harare, we will keep you updated on our website

In Zimbabwe we are facing serious load shedding, how do you charge your vehicle?

Good question. Zimtorque e-mobility is offering the most ideal solution. When you buy your car with us we will come and install a solar system in your garage specifically to charge your car and the installation is included in the price of the vehicle.

Are they good for long distance, can they tackle our bad roads and what is the range?

The range depends on the type of vehicle you choose, the high spec electric cars give a range of 400 to 500km per full charge whilst the low spec offer 250km to 350km which are normally recommended for town driving until they are more charging stations on our highways. An electric car is like any other car the difference is that it only extracts its power from batteries so it can basically tackle any road just depends on your driving behavior.

Are they any drawbacks of owning one?

Owning something that is going to be big in the future has always a few drawbacks. You will be the only one at that time and secondly probably the range for some people who love to travel far might be a disadvantage, however manufacturers are doing their best to increase the range so expert a low spec electric vehicle that can do 600+ on a full charge. Take a petrol engine car as a Samsung S8 smart phone whilst the electric car is an s10

Which brands are currently on offer if I want to order one and what is the waiting period?

Zimtorque e-mobility is currently offering all generations of the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Models, Mercedes EQ and our flagship brand Peugeot e-208. Your waiting period will be only 6 weeks as you know they are a few manufacturers for these type of vehicles. And for brand new you can pay 50% and balance when vehicle arrives. Each car will come with a solar charging station for your home.

Do you also offer Hybrids?

Yes we do offer hybrids as well

How is the performance on an electric car?

One of the best as they do not have gearboxes so one step on the accelerator you will probably find yourself at work quicker than you expected but obviously at an expense of quickly consuming your batteries

Where are you located and have you received any orders?

We are currently setting up a center due to be launched in July, yes we have received orders. And our main brand will be the Peugeot e-208.

Who is Zimtorque E-mobility?

It is a division of Zimtorque.net that deals in sales, technical support and after sales services for hybrids and electric vehicles.


For more information who do we contact?

Brand Development and Technical support Tanaka 0772525106
Events and Promotions Daniel 0773 629 014
or contact us via our contact form