Zimtorque recently launched Zimtorque e-Mobility a division of the brand the will be specialists in supply, maintaining and promoting renewable energy in the transport industry. This latest transition has raised a lot of questions which we answer below.

Do we have the infrastructure for such type of vehicles?

The development of the infrastructure has already begun with several companies installing charging stations. Taking into consideration the COVID lockdown regulations, however the progress has been slower than anticipated.

Is it worth it owning an EV now?

Yes it is, firstly you will be saving money on fuel costs, maintenance and time you spend hunting for fuel. Additionally you can charge your vehicle from 10pm to 5am which is off-peak time for heavy usage of electricity.

In Zimbabwe we usually face power cuts how can i manage that?

Basically there is usually a timetable and in most cases electricity is available from 10pm to 4am. On the other hand dependent on your budget; you can chose the solar package whereby your charging station for your car will be off-grid

Will an charging EV increase my electricity bill?

It is like using your microwave oven or washing machine everyday however if you do 50km a day that means you need to charge your car only 3 to 4 times a week

Is there a workshop or garage that can look after the car if any problem arises and what are the costs i am looking to face?

Yes Zimtorque e-mobility will have a workshop and accredited EV and Hybrid technicians to attend to your car if any problem arises. EVs and Hybrids are quite affordable to maintain compared to a normal internal combustion engine.

Will there be incentives introduced for driving a Hybrid or EV like how it is in other countries?

Yes Zimbabwe is currently working on a policy which will be launched later this year, however the biggest benefit you will receive is you will save close 80% of your fuel bill.

How can i order one?

You can visit https://emobility.zimtorque.net/ we have a sales team who will be able to also assist you, additionally talk you through about owning a EV or Hybrid.

In basic terms what is the difference between an EV and Hybrid?

Hybrid uses both a battery powered motor and internal combustion motor which works as a generator and for long distance driving. In other words, the battery motor works only in town driving or certain speeds whilst the internal combustion motor works on the highway or high speeds.

EV uses only a battery powered motor in which the low range vehicles give 150 km at full charge whilst high range vehicles give 450 to 500 km at full charge

Lets say i want a Hybrid because of the range it offers and price; doesn’t it consuming more fuel whilst charging the batteries?

No it does not consume more fuel whilst charging the batteries, it charges the batteries using excess energy and what we call regenerative braking, so there is low to minimal consumption for charging the batteries. The consumption you will only encounter is from your driving which is quite low too.